Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A fresh start

This is a personal journey I had started about 6 months ago, but life circumstances seemed to keep getting in the way.  I am far from the health and fitness I once had, and I am bound and determined to get it back.  I am not one for "resolutions", but I can't help but view the first of the year as a true fresh start.  So I am starting this blog (again) in an attempt to keep track of my progress on my journey back to my formerly fit self.  I hope that along the way I will meet others out there that are traveling along the same path.  I will try to encourage those who visit me as well as try to share any tips and tricks I have learned along the way and things that helped me in the past.  I hope that if anyone out there finds me here, you will join me in my journey and we can encourage each other on the way to a happy, healthy 2011!!