Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Being sick sucks!!!

I hate when things don't go as you've planned.  Friday was my son's birthday, we had lots of fun, went out to eat, and I was looking forward to the weekend.  Some work, some play, some exercise.  Well, about 9 o'clock it started...achy, tired, chills.  All I could think was "Oh no." , then I thought maybe it was just me and I was tired.  So I turned in for the evening only to wake up with a fever over 100 the next morning. I ended up calling off work, and spending most of my weekend trying to get well  Here it is Tuesday and I'm just starting to feel better.  Blech, I hate being sick!!!  I did try my best to try to eat relatively healthy, but I'm a firm believer that eating something is better than eating nothing when you're sick so I did have a full fat caramel mocha and fast food once over the last 4 days.  Other than that I did try to stick with lots of fruits and veggies and juice.  I've had weird cravings for fruit and nut oatmeal that I get at the Sheetz station up the street and have enjoyed that a few times.  Hey, there are worse things to crave, right?  Hopefully I can have this kicked soon, as odd as it may sound, I'm starting to miss my treadmill. 

I'm off to get some more sleep. Hope you're week has been better than mine, and that you all have a great day. 

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