Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Conscious Effort

One thing I have noticed is that I tend to get going on renewing my fitness program, and just think things will "happen" and all fall into place and the weight will fall off.  Well, unfortunately that plan doesn't work too well.  The last few days I have really started to think about the fact that despite the wishful thinking of a hopeful soul, it really does take a conscious effort to make things like a better diet and exercise happen and the program to stick.  I have been really trying to keep an eye on what I eat and pay attention to what goes in my body.  Its so easy to say "well, a little bit of chocolate won't hurt.  Well, that and a few chips.  And maybe I'll have some of that regular soda instead of diet soda or water."  I've noticed for myself it just snowballs.  Sure one day may not ruin a whole month's worth of good eating, but when you do that day after day it defeats the purpose of "dieting" (I hate that word, but for lack of a better one I'll use it here).  The same goes for exercise.  I remember an ex of mine used to always say he never had time for exercising, yet he had time for watching his favorite shows, spending time on the Internet, and other things he deemed important.  He would complain that there just wasn't enough time for exercise, to which my response was, "you have to make time."  I still feel that is true, and one thing I need to work on myself nowadays.  Being a single mom, even with a very supportive fiancee, I can still find it way to easy to say I don't have time.  One thing I have been thinking about is on those days where I feel there is "no time" I am going to try to squeeze in at least 10 to 15 minutes of exercise.  It may not be much but its much better than doing nothing at all.  It still keeps exercise in my daily routine, and over time it will be easier to stretch that 10 minutes to 20 then 30.  So that is one thing I am challenging myself to do.  To be mindful of the things I do everyday, to make sure I am doing all that I can do to keep myself on track, and to get back on track as soon as possible when I fall off the wagon. 

I can't believe its almost the end of the month!  Its been a month of "it could have been better, but it could have been worse"  I'm going to do more of a recap on the 31st.  I hope you are all doing well, and striving to reach your goals.   Here's to being healthier and happier every day!!


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