Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday Workout Check-in...

....just a little late.  I got on here Wednesday night, but for some reason Blogger wasn't playing nice and I was unable to post.  My goal is to check in every Wednesday with at least a short post to report on how my week went as far as workouts and weight loss.   So here we go, week 1...
1/1/11 - 10 min. run along with 10 min. walking
1/2/11 - day off
1/3/11 - 10 min. run / 10 min walk  
1/4/11 - 25 minute walk
1/5/11 - 12 min. run / 14 min. walk
    *although not stated I also did stretching everyday, as well as some light weight work (although a bit unstructured) on all days where I walked or ran

As for the scale, it actually went DOWN this week.  Yippee!!  Not a huge amount, but that's OK.  When you lose a lot of weight quickly it tends to be mostly water and some muscle along with some fat.  Slow and steady is most definitely best when it comes to fat loss.  I have a tracker at the bottom of my blog where I am keeping track of that.

So overall it was a good week.  Here's to a good week two as well!!  Best wishes to all :cD

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